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Competence Evaluation (Recording Component)

  • Enable the demonstration of necessary supervisory skills and knowledge,
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to reflect on their practice and self-evaluate strengths and areas for improvement,
  • Provide a determination on whether the supervisor has demonstrated sufficient skills to pass this assessment, and if not, what the areas of poor performance was and what will be necessary to demonstrate to pass this component, and
  • Provide constructive feedback which can enhance the participant’s practice.

Supervisory skills will be assessed from a direct sample of the participant conducting client-related supervision, by means of a recorded session with a supervisee.

  1. Participants/supervisors submit a continuous one-hour recording of a supervision session, demonstrating as many skills and roles of supervision as relevant, along with a paragraph describing the stage of supervision at which the session is taking place and any other relevant history.
  2. The one hour unedited recording session needs to be an authentic supervision session; “role play” or “staged” sessions are not acceptable. Avoid creating a dual relationship, eg do not present a session with a friend, family member, or swapping roles with another supervisor. If you require further clarity please contact by email. Please note: the supervisee must be a provisionally or fully registered psychologist.
  3. A self-assessed Evaluation of Recorded Supervision Session Form (ERS) is to be completed by the participant/supervisor and must accompany the recorded session.
  4. Participants/supervisors must include a Recording Consent Form (RCF) completed by their supervisee to cover consent specifically for the recording.
  5. Completion of the Supervisee Consent Form (SCF) by both the supervisee and supervisor.  This form requests permission for information to be used, in confidence, for the purpose of the evaluation and research components of the STAP.
  6. Completion of the Supervision Questionnaire (SQ) by the supervisee.  This form provides the opportunity for supervisees to give feedback to assist supervisors in their practice of supervision.
  7. The assessment material is evaluated by STAP evaluators within a 6 to 8 week period. The evaluators will mark the recorded session according to the same criteria as the participant’s self-reflections i.e., they will also use the ERS. Satisfactory competence will depend on there being no major single supervisory failure or ineffectiveness aggregated over a significant number of criteria.
  8. Notification of the marking outcome will be sent by email. Successful evaluations will receive a certificate to attest to this and the Board will be provided with this information. Additional verbal feedback from an evaluator is optional and only if requested. The marked material will be returned by post to the supervisor.
  9. Should there be an unsuccessful evaluation the STAP evaluator will contact the supervisor to discuss the reasons for this outcome. The options available to the supervisor are to either request a second opinion on their material or resubmit. Failed evaluations would have been double marked before a final decision is made. There are further costs involved with both options of remarking or re-submission. To resubmit will cost $400 each time.
  10. The assessment material must be submitted within 3 months of completing the 2-day Workshop. If unable to submit within this period, contacting the STAP office to negotiate another submission date will be required.
Submission of assessment material for Evaluation:
  • Register for Part 3: Competrency Base Training and Assessment through the STAP Website
  • Upload your video and other files directly into the portal provided.
Invoicing is available. If you require an invoice, please get in touch with us at