For participants interested in becoming:
  • 4+2 internship program supervisors
  • 5+1 internship program supervisors
  • Registrar program leading to endorsement in an approved area of practice supervisors
  • Higher degree practicum placements supervisors


By successful completion of this component it is expected that participants will have adequate knowledge of:

  • The context for supervision within the National Scheme
  • The role, expectations and responsibilities of the supervisor, as defined by the Board
  • The central components of effective supervision
  • The ability to apply this knowledge to example scenarios of supervision


Training Methodology

Participants will be provided with a range of readings, visual aids, and opportunities to reflect on the range of knowledge essential as the building blocks for becoming an effective supervisor. Multiple choice practice quizzes appear at the end of each module, to help guide participants’ study and learning. In addition, there will be reflection points throughout the program. On completion of all modules participants are required to complete a final exam, which will determine whether a candidate has passed or failed the component. The final exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions. Participants are required to achieve a minimum 85% accuracy (34/40) to pass the course.

Multiple attempts are permitted. The timeline for successfully completing the Knowledge Assessment training (Part 1) and attendance at a Supervisory Workshop (Part 2) is 12 months.

The program will attract 10 CPD hours.


  • Module 1.  Being an Effective Supervisor: models of supervision, the roles of supervisors and supervisees, necessary skills and characteristics of effective supervisors.
  • Module 2.  The Context for Supervision: building and maintaining an effective supervisory relationship.
  • Module 3.  The Process of Supervision (Part 1): establishing a contract and targets for supervisee training, using different formats of supervision effectively,
  • Module 4. The Process of Supervision (Part 2): evaluation of supervisees and supervisors, feedback informed supervision, completion of supervision
  • Module 5.  PBA and Administrative Requirements of Supervisors: understanding of the administrative requirements of supervision for each of the pathways (4 + 2, 5 + 1, higher degree and endorsement), knowledge of National Exam.
  • Module 6.  Ethical and Diversity Issues: legal, ethical, and diversity issues in psychological practice, supervisory self-care.