STAP has been delivering training and accreditation services to psychologists for well over 10 years.  In that time, more than 3000 psychology supervisors have been trained and received their accreditation through STAP.

Since 2011, STAP has been providing training nationally, and has been an important part of helping senior psychologists around the country meet their requirements for supervision training as set out by the PBA.

The model that was developed by STAP in 2004 is now the gold standard by which other supervision training and accreditation programs must be measured against. Our research has shown that supervisors who complete the STAP program reliably improve on a number of domains. Their knowledge of supervision activities increases by almost double, approximately 50% increases in completion of the tasks of supervision are observed, and supervisors self-report more than half of their improvement to the STAP training and accreditation process.  In short, the evidence says that STAP accredited supervisors are better than they were before their training, and their supervises  are the beneficiaries of that improvement.  These results have now been peer reviewed and published.

In addition to the formal improvements in supervision, the process of STAP is one in which participants enjoy taking part. Participant feedback consistently rates STAP as engaging, enjoyable, and worthwhile. The reason for this is the constant attention put into developing the training package by the STAP team. On a 5 point Likert scale, overall STAP satisfaction ratings are currently averaging 4.7 These satisfaction ratings are monitored constantly along with qualitative feedback in order to constantly improve the quality of the training experience.

When you enrol to do a STAP workshop, you can be assured of attending a training event of a high professional standard, with highly trained and engaging facilitators and learning real practical skills that will improve your performance as a supervisor.

STAP Training Programs